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4.0 ( 4800 ratings )
Utilitários Desporto
Developer: tecDev
4.99 USD

G-Force-Meter is the perfect app to measure, present and record acceleration forces in every imaginable situation!

To do this, the app uses the iPhones accelerometer to display the forces of every direction separatly as well as combined to one resultant force.

The integrated recording function allows you to save your measurements and analyse it whenever you want. Therefor, data like gps position, speed, altitude and time is recorded as well to give you a more accurated opportunity to evaluate your rides.

Regardless of whether you are recording something or not, you allways can follow the forces live with the help of a neat race inspired gauge.
There is also a live graph showing you all three forces in a coordinate system.

G-Force-Meter is not only for the use in a car, but thanks to its manifold recording and adjustment opportunities also perfect for the use on a bike or during the daily jogging.

The app is absolutely advertising free and offers a superb cost-benefit ratio, which is unique in this segment. It doesnt rely on unnecessary functions that nobody understands and drains out your battery. It just provides essential features in a stunning quality with a pleasing design.

As a special feature, G-Force-Meter gives you the opportunity to export your recorded and saved data via email as csv-file for an even more precise analysis.